Outlander Season 2 Trading Cards WILL be released in 2017!

That’s right…you read correctly.

Cryptozoic™ Entertainment has confirmed it will release Season 2 in 2017!


On Thursday, December 22, 2016, during the live webinar titled “The Non-Sport Cards You’ll be Collecting in 2017” Cryptozoic™ Entertainment confirmed that they will be releasing Outlander Season 2 Trading Cards.

So get ready Outlander Fans and stay informed by following George Nadeau on Twitter, connecting with the Outlandish Trading Facebook group, and of course you should always check in with Cryptozoic™ Entertainment Outlander product page.

Last, but not least, follow the Outlandish Trading Co. for the latest updates!
(Just click on the blue follow button on the bottom right side of this post!)

Happy Trading!

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