S4 Chase Set #5 – Playing Cards

These 54 cards are meant to be complimentary to the base set.
(One complete suit – 13 cards – per box)

This exciting new chase set features images from seasons 1 through 4. Each number features different images of a single character: one for each suit.

In addition, this chase set will not be numbered so that the back of all 54 cards can have the same image. The idea being that the set will more closely represent a real set of playing cards and stand out from the rest of the Season 4 cards!

Playing Card Back

Each hobby box will contain one complete suit*, one gold foil variant and one Joker for a total of 15 cards in EACH BOX!!

*The following excerpt is from the Fan’s First blog – written by Dustin Porras and released by Cryptozoic on March 5, 2020.

“In each hobby box, there will be a 25th pack containing 13 playable cards of a particular suit (heart, spade, club, diamond), all designed with a classic playing card aesthetic. It will take about four boxes to complete the subset, but once you do, you will have a fully playable deck of 52 Outlander playing cards featuring character images from Seasons 1-4. Naturally, we made Jamie and Claire represent the ranks of king and queen, and “Black Jack” Randall was given the rank of jack because—well, it was just too perfect. There will also be foil variants of all 52 cards falling at one-per-pack, so there is a lot to get excited for in this upcoming release.”

Playing Cards Chase Cards

All photos are courtesy of Cryptozoic™ Entertainment
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Young Ian

Lord John Grey




Black Jack



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