S2 Chase Set #5 – STR PWR Cards

These ten cards are meant to be complimentary to the base set.

The following excerpt was taken from an article written by George Nadeau on May 18, 2017. George is the Manager for Product Development at Cryptozoic™ Entertainment and he is the person responsible for bringing us Outlander Trading Cards.

We have used state-of-the-art “cast and cure technology” to add eye-catching prism/holographic effects to our character bio chase sets. Our STR PWR cards feature a spectacular pattern of colorful stars. Moreover, the STR PWR cards are inserted in multiple colored frames. Red versions are inserted 1:144 packs. Silver versions are inserted 1:288 packs. Gold versions are limited and numbered to 25, and Black versions are limited and numbered 1/1.

For more information and examples of what STR PWR cards look like, please visit the link below and read George’s original article which can be found on the official Cryptozoic™ Entertainment website.


  • Red STR PWR Cards – (1:144 packs)
  • Silver STR PWR Cards – (1:288 packs)
  • Gold STR PWR Cards – (#/25)
  • Black STR PWR Card – (1/1)

Red Star Power Cards and Silver Star Power Cards are quite rare and limited in quantity. There are twenty-five gold cards for each of the ten Character Bio Cards numbered 01/25 to 25/25. There are exactly ten Black Star Power Cards. One for each of the ten Character Bios.

At this time we do not have photos of the STR PWR cards, but we do know their numbers and we know they are ONLY Character Bio Cards. If you look in the picture below – courtesy of George Nadeau you can see examples of the STR PWR cards in the middle of the picture.


  • S01 – Claire Fraser

  • S02 – Jamie Fraser

  • S03 – Murtagh Fraser

  • S04 – Charles Stuart

  • S05 – Louise de Rohan

  • S06 – Comte St. Germain

  • S07 – King Louis XV

  • S08 – Mary Hawkins

  • S09 – Frank Randall

  • S10 – Black Jack Randall

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