Season 1 Foil Variants

For part two of our variant series we will talk about Silver Brooch and Thistle of Scotland Gold Foil Variants. For information on Wardrobe Variants please visit Part One.

Foil Variant Cards


From left to right – Thistle of Scotland Gold Foil – Silver Brooch Foil – Regular

The following cards from the Outlander Season 1 release contain regular, Silver Brooch and Gold Thistle Cards.

Silver Brooch Foil Variants
(1:3 Pack Ratio)

In addition to the regular cards, there were 99 identical cards released with a tiny addition to each card – the Silver Brooch. These cards were mistakenly referred to as Silver Crest when they were first released. Since then, Cryptozoic has updated their website to reflect this change. For more information about this update CLICK HERE.


The distinguishing mark on this card is a silver foil brooch.

Thistle of Scotland Gold Foil Variants
(1:15 Pack Ratio)

In addition to the regular cards and the Silver Brooch cards, there were 99 additional cards released with a Thistle of Scotland Gold foil stamp.


These special cards are limited to 50 cards of each of the Base, Character Bio, Quote and Speak Outlander cards.  In other words, there were 50 “Take me to Lallybroch” cards printed and stamped with the Thistle of Scotland Gold foil, so there are only 50 of these cards in existence.


On the back of the card there is a number stating which number card it is out of the 50 cards made. The card on the left is numbered 01/50.

Below is an example of a sequence of cards…

doc00173620170111145101_001We hope this has helped explain and/or clear up a few questions you may have had about the Season 1 foil variants!

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