Fraser Brooch NOT Fraser Crest

UPDATE: Fraser Crest silver foil variant cards are actually Fraser Brooch silver foil variants. – George Nadeau – 12/15/2016

The Fraser Brooch silver foil variant cards have been mistakenly referred to as Fraser Crest silver foil variant cards. The Cryptozoicâ„¢ Entertainment website has been updated to reflect the correct terminology. The official checklist has not been updated yet, but as soon as it is, we will let you know!

In the meantime – all of the pages and checklists on this website have been updated!

In case you were wondering what the difference is between the Fraser Brooch and the Fraser Crest, here’s an example.


This is an example of a Fraser Brooch.


This is the official Fraser Clan Member Crest.

As you can see, the Outlander Trading Cards have a Silver Brooch Foil Stamp, and not the Official Fraser Crest!


Happy Trading!

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